Blog Updates and a Few Thoughts

It's a strange thing when the world feels like it has been turned upside down and, upon finding yourself right-side-up, you aren't quite sure if you are right-side-up.
Trauma and loss are very disorienting.
At their best, after a good long time of healing, they can help to cement what is really important.
But between the first flip of disorder and the beginnings of something new, the internal mashup is something of epic struggles.
Or at least, that is what I think it is.
Remember, I am still finding my way right-side-up since the fire.
And although I have now learned a strength that I didn't before know, I also know a new level of uncertainty and weakness.
Which explains my absence on this blog.
There has been much to write about, so much to process.
There have been incredible acts of grace and also unbelievable moments of grief.
And because so much has been turned upside down, my confidence in my ability to judge it all from so close has been shaken.
And really, I don't think that this is such a bad thing in the long run.
I see that in my enthusiasm, I have often jumped to the position of expert in many things when I was hardly yet a novice.
I long to not make that mistake again.
And yet, I am a writer and so it seems that I must find a way to write.
So how do I reconcile this?
Well, the only thing I have thought to do is to write more words privately than I do publicly, and also, to read the words of wise people more than my own words and definitely more than the words that come only in feed-form. Also, to spend time in community, discussing these thoughts in real-time and getting real life feedback from people who are walking this same path.

And so, with those goals in mind, I have updated my blog to reflect this.

You will find the new page of Reading Stacks & Commonplace on which I will share the books I am currently reading and also some of the quotes and ideas I have found within them.
Right away you will notice that the page is simple and, although social media options would have given it a glossier look and enabled it for easier connectivity, the fact is that the moment I plug everything into social media is the moment that my less-is-more approach dies.

The Home page will continue to list my most current and even my most archived blog posts.
I hope to share some more about our recovery from the fire, some more about home and about our homeschooling days. Mostly, though, I pray that I share the Hope that has not disappointed throughout all these years of living and writing.
By Grace,

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