Adore-by Sara Hagerty

At the end of this month, Sara Hagerty (author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet  and Unseen) will be releasing her new book Adore. 
I have been (overwhelmingly) blessed to be a part of her book launch once again and I am excited to share more about her book soon. 
Understanding more about Adoration first came into my life when I read Every Bitter Thing is Sweet. Before reading that book, I was doing a bit of adoration, but I didn't know that is what I was doing. 
Since then, it has become a regular liturgy for my heart, and one that has sustained me during even the most difficult times. 
Just days after the fire, in shock and thoughts still very blurry, I knew I needed to pray, to read God's Word, but I could hardly focus on anything. 
I opened up my Bible and there, in the margin, I had written an adoration based upon a verse. 
I don't remember what the verse was on that particular day, but I do remember the way it held my heart. 

For now, you can find out more about Sara on her website here, watch the Book trailer here or preorder the book on Amazon!

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