Resources for At Home Learning and a Few Thoughts for the Week Ahead

As I've read through various news feeds the past few days, I've seen a variety of links and ideas on blogs and sites all over of how to entertain oneself and the kids during long hours at home. Over the next week or so, I might add a few of my own thoughts and ideas into the mix, but for now I want to include this link, where we found so many great learning ideas when we were experiencing life right after the fire.

Mostly I want to add this encouragement: take this time to rest, to pray, and to create.

Perhaps this seems impossible, with all the fear and anxiety circulating.
Perhaps this seems unwise, with the uncertainty of financial futures ahead.
I know that I have struggled more with anxiety in the past week than I have in a long time.
But, I want to remind you (and myself), that if you have done all you can, made the arrangements that need to be made, and find yourself at home with the choice to read more news articles or to read a good book, build a puzzle, or work on some other project long abandoned because of busy days; don't choose the news.
Use this time to lean into the eternal promises of God, to reorient your focus to actions that lean toward love and light, and to recount all the ways God has been faithful in the past.

Also, here is an article that references a quote that C.S. Lewis wrote years ago.
This was extrememly helpful in reorienting my perspective this week.

Finally, here is a picture I took this week of a tree in beautiful spring bloom.
Whatever the headlines, the sun rises and sets each day, the seasons change in a regular roatation, and nature still declares His handiwork (Psalm 19:1).

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