The WingFeather Saga!

 I have heard so many wonderful things about these stories and they have been in my TBR pile for some time now! Since the books are being re-released with new and updated hardcover editions, a launch team was put together to help spread the word. At the last minute, I saw the announcement and I applied hoping to join in on the fun. When this came in the mail, I was caught by surprise and super excited to be a part of the team!

It has only been since this winter that I have read anything by Andrew Peterson. I have been slowly reading his book Adorning the Dark (I haven't written much about it yet because I have many thoughts and not many words yet). I was really curious what his stories would be like.

I am only half way through the first book and so far I have really enjoyed the characters and the story.  It seems that the stories that have lasting quality cause me to think about the characters and plot even when I am not reading the book. This is something the book does often.   One thing is clear; no detail is left to chance. This is evident from the first page for the book owner to personalize (this I love!) to the character details and even the footnotes that take the reader deeper into the world of Aerwiar. Each piece is quite masterly crafted into a story that the whole family can enjoy.

I will write more about these books on my Reading Stacks and Common Place page when I finish reading them, but for now I wanted to be sure to mention that there are preorder specials happening right now!

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