A Quiet Moment

Part of my quiet time this week has been spent considering the Saturday that happened between Friday’s Crucifixion and Sunday’s empty tomb.

Matthew Henry, a man who lived in the late 1600’s and wrote commentary on nearly every verse in the Bible, wrote this about that Easter Sabbath:

“Never was there such a Sabbath since the Sabbath was first instituted as this was.”

It can feel, at a time of a worldwide pandemic and major uncertainty, that this time is one silent, dark, and enduring Saturday like that Saturday so long ago.

There is so much information, so many statistics and so much evidence to consider.
I don’t know about you, but the amount of informational noise has increased so much for me in the past few weeks and I am about worn out from trying to filter it all.

And not only are we to consider facts and statistics, but circumstances and experience, too.
What does it mean when someone we love is sick, or works the front lines and sees death everyday?
What about job loss, business loss, bills stacking high and no income to cover them?
What about the grief upon grief of losing so much?
Those aren’t just statistics.
Those are very weighty realities.

I am reality worn and word weary.

And so, my hope is not to add to your weariness today.
My hope and prayer is that this here becomes a quiet moment to encourage our hearts to look towards Truth and a gentle reminder of where we can find Hope and security in this time.

A reminder that whispers in a loving way:

When all else fails, Jesus does not.
Even on that dark Saturday,
when His believers thought all had been lost,
He was working.
He is always at work,
and so, we can always rest in Him.
He is God, and His promises prove true.”

I may be word weary, but I have found one Word that continually refreshes my heart and gives me hope again and again.

I encourage you to spend some time in His Word this week.
Spend time thinking about the Story of His Faithfulness.
Even through the dark and silent times, He is working.
We can rest in this.

Some Verses to Stir Your Heart:
Mark 16:1--Psalm 62:5-8--Luke 12:22-34--Psalm 119:49-50--Psalm 46:1-3

by Karey Davenport

the first Sabbath
was given
as a gift
an offering of Love
to remind our hearts
that we are not Him

we work
then, we still
and know,

He is God.

there was another Sabbath
dark with uncertainty
heavy with grief
a time where
seemed dead
the earth,

for many, today
this time
is like that Saturday Sabbath
the one that followed
the Friday cross
heavy with grief
seemingly forsaken
shadowed by death

some say
that these pandemic days
have been a Sabbath gift

for the earth, at least
waters run clear
stars are seen
animals return

but, what about me?
do I welcome this Sabbath
the way the waters have?

When that Easter Sabbath
had past
and the sun rose
heaviness rolled away
and death,
of all kinds,
lost its sting

the first Sabbath
was given
as a gift
an offering of Love
to remind our hearts
that we are not Him

we work
then, we still
and know,

He is God.

Every Sabbath then,
even the darkest ones,
we can trust
that He is at work
that it isn’t up to us
the darkness
and death
do not
have the final say

He is God.

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